Results of Woodstock Chamber Survey

IFMC has been coordinating with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry to gather marketing data to assess the need for community-fiber. On an annual basis, the Woodstock Chamber conducts a membership survey to gather a variety of data on how the chamber is doing. IFMC was able to insert five questions as part of that survey. The survey…

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Greenwood Township Presentation – In Review

Last night, our Public Interest Director, David Gutowsky, gave a presentation to Greenwood Township advocating for the Board to explore community-fiber as a solution to our Internet woes. The Board was receptive and asked many great questions. The Board, in general, agreed that Greenwood Township does have a connectivity issue. Some of the Trustees expressed frustration with their fixed-wireless…

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IFMC’s Current Coverage

The photos below are to display our current coverage of McHenry County. To have complete coverage, we need your help to do that. IFMC is a volunteer run organization and we cannot do this without people, like yourself. If you are interested in becoming a Local Champion, please reach out to us by checking out our organization events or…

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Woodstock Fire/Rescue District not hooked up to the Consortium’s Fiber Network

Our Public Interest Director, David Gutowsky, spoke with the Chief Michael Hill of the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District at the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Mixer on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. Chief Hill delivered a presentation on the need for the upcoming referendum. At the end of the Mixer, David had asked Chief Hill if the District had…

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