Jan. 2023 Updates

There is a new County Board, which means there is an opportunity for everyone to contact them and get to know them. In this kind of advocacy, infrastructure is something where we need regularly contact our elected officials to inform them that the issue persists and that we want them to take action. McHenry County has new districts; you can view them by clicking this link. We recommend you contact your county board member and tell them about your Internet woes; they need to hear from you. Our long-term plan continues to be to get a high-speed network started here in McHenry County, but that is proving to be more difficult than initially anticipated.

Instead, the near-term goals are to encourage McHenry County (taken directly from our presentation to the County Board back in June 2022) to:

  1. Gather Community Input
  2. Hire Expert Consultants
  3. Define the Problem and Define Goals
  4. Determine your Assets and Map It
  5. Establish Policies and Procedures to Support Investment
  6. Explore Financing Options
  7. Be a Clear Collaborator and a Leader
  8. Establish A Clear Vision

We encourage you to contact your county board member and tell them they must do these things. After all, how can you accomplish anything if you don’t have a plan? Additionally, it is never too early to start planning.