AT&T Fiber coming to Woodstock?

Word on the street is that AT&T is rolling out fiber-optics cable to houses in Woodstock around Madison/Clay Street area. We stopped and spoke with some workers and they said that they were coming in from Rockford to roll out fiber to all buildings in Woodstock that get AT&T via utility poles. This means, anybody who gets their AT&T stuff via burial won’t see this improvement. The workers said they had been there for a month or so rolling out fiber, and will probably be for many months. A point of caution is, AT&T is known for changing their mind in a minute, so, we will  see how far they get. We excited about the investment from AT&T in the Woodstock Community.
However, AT&T doesn’t fit the bill on so many things around Internet Freedom like Net Neutrality, bandwidth caps (1TB), privacy, costs (just increased again), and more. We should have had this fiber-optic network back by 2000, but they never delivered on it.  We praise AT&T’s upgrade for some of the residents, it doesn’t change our goal of getting cheaper, faster internet for all, because at the end of the day, AT&T will not provide that.