Results of Woodstock Chamber Survey

IFMC has been coordinating with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry to gather marketing data to assess the need for community-fiber. On an annual basis, the Woodstock Chamber conducts a membership survey to gather a variety of data on how the chamber is doing. IFMC was able to insert five questions as part of that survey.

The survey was advertised by e-mail and during the month of January 2019. For the questions below, there was 21 respondents out of 273 members.

While the survey is not perfect, it does give us some insights into what the business community wants, which is more reliable, high quality, and cost-effective broadband. This definitely leads to more questions, which we’ll be following up with a broadband survey to dig deeper.

Question: Do you think having reliable, high quality and cost-effective broadband internet service is essential for your business and a factor in fostering economic development in our community?
Question: How satisfied are you with your current internet service at your business?
Which of the following issues do you experience with your business internet service? (Choose one)
Approximately how much do you pay per month for Internet service at your business?
Would you like to see the Chamber advocate for reliable, high quality and cost effective broadband Internet in our community?