Results of Woodstock Chamber Survey

IFMC has been coordinating with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry to gather marketing data to assess the need for community-fiber. On an annual basis, the Woodstock Chamber conducts a membership survey to gather a variety of data on how the chamber is doing. IFMC was able to insert five questions as part of that survey. The survey…

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AT&T Fiber coming to Woodstock?


Word on the street is that AT&T is rolling out fiber-optics cable to houses in Woodstock around Madison/Clay Street area. We stopped and spoke with some workers and they said that they were coming in from Rockford to roll out fiber to all buildings in Woodstock that get AT&T via utility poles. This means, anybody who gets their AT&T…

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Telecos Want More of Your Money Without Accountability

In a recent Op-Ed in The Topeka Capital-Journal written by USTelecom’s CEO Jonathan Spalter and NTCA’s CEO Shirley Bloomfield wrote on Monday saying: “Broadband infrastructure is essential to their full participation in a connected, digital world… Like electricity, broadband is essential to every American. Yet U.S. broadband infrastructure has been financed largely by the private sector…

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