​What is the ​Internet Freedom Project?

A man thinking about Internet Freedom

What is the Internet Freedom Project?

How can our communities benefit from powerful connectivity at home, school, and work?

McHenry County does not have real competition and coverage when it comes to our Internet service.
We have many problems:
  • No competition
  • Services are un-affordable and slow
  • Coverage and access is not universal
  • The cost goes up year after year, and adds on many fees
  • Customer service is awful
  • The incumbents stifle our ability for innovation and economic growth

The lack of competition, cost-effective, high-speed Internet connectivity negatively impacts many aspects of our community.

How do you feel about your Internet service?

Does cheaper, faster Internet with more competition interest you?

Completing the survey is the first step.

The Internet Freedom Idea

Internet Freedom Idea Photo
Internet Freedom Illustrated
  • Fiber-optics to everyone. The best there is. Instant uploads and downloads.
  • Competition on that line. Multiple providers fighting for your business.
  • Designed to keep costs low by being owned by you, like an Electric Cooperative. No government controlled Internet. No private business.

What about 5G?

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