Greenwood Township Presentation – In Review

Last night, our Public Interest Director, David Gutowsky, gave a presentation to Greenwood Township advocating for the Board to explore community-fiber as a solution to our Internet woes. The Board was receptive and asked many great questions. The Board, in general, agreed that Greenwood Township does have a connectivity issue. Some of the Trustees expressed frustration with their fixed-wireless or cellular for their connectivity. The Board seemed surprised to see smaller and more rural communities than Greenwood Township implementing community-fiber, like Rock Falls, Illinois or Lyndon Township, Michigan.

We asked the Broad to talk with township constituents to see if there is a problems and to help us with our drafted Broadband Survey. If you are a resident of Greenwood Township or any other township, we encourage you to contact your Trustees and tell them what problems you are having with your Internet. It might be that it goes down all the time, or it is too expensive. They will not know if you do not contact them.

Want to see what we gave the Township to review? Click here.