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The Problem

McHenry County does not have real competition and coverage when it comes to our Internet service.We have…

  • No competition
  • Services are expensive and slow
  • Coverage and access is not universal
  • The cost goes up year after year and adds on many fees
  • Customer service is awful
  • The incumbents stifle our ability for innovation and economic growth

The lack of competition, cost-effective, high-speed Internet connectivity negatively impacts many aspects of our community.

We can do better with Internet Freedom.

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How do you feel about your Internet service?

Does cheaper, faster Internet with more competition interest you?

Completing the survey is the first step to community-owned fiber-optics.

Your participation in this survey is VOLUNTARY. The responses you provide are CONFIDENTIAL.

The Solution: Internet Freedom

The Internet Freedom idea.Internet Freedom Illustrated

  • Fiber-optics to everyone. The best there is. Instant uploads and downloads.
  • Competition on that line. Multiple providers fighting for your business.
  • Designed to keep costs low by being owned by you as an Electric Cooperative. No government-controlled Internet. No private business.

We Can Save Money and Get More Options

Community-owned networks vs incumbents graph

More is better. More cost-effective bandwidth for your dollar.

Community-owned networks vs incumbents graph

More is better. More cost-effective bandwidth for your dollar.Edit your caption text here

Incumbent offerings and their prices

Local Imcumbent costs

Community-owned offerings and their prices

What other communities are paying, some include property taxes, and some do not.

Benefits of Community Fiber-Optic Network

Jobs Ahead Sign

  • Job Creation: Attract new businesses and enable further growth of our current small businesses. Fiber networks draw in new companies and accelerate entrepreneurial activity.Like Greensboro, NC, Lafayette, LA, and Chattanooga, many other communities experienced revitalization. 

  • Better Healthcare: Tele-medicine removes distance barriers to cutting-edge medical technology for those that cannot travel safely or are in an emergency. Elderly, military veterans and other patients can be diagnosed, treated, and monitored from home. The Elderly can live at home longer, reducing eldercare’s cost and improving the quality of life in later years.

Photo of Children Cheering

  • Education: Fast Internet and video services enhance educational efforts at all levels. This is particularly important for adult learners who are utilizing online learning to retrain for new jobs. Children can get their homework done. Parents can register their children without leaving home.

  • Enhanced Lifestyle: Instant downloads and uploads of media sharing like videos. Buffer-free Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more. Work from home is seamless and productive. Provide much faster, cost-effective, reliable internet service to all McHenry County residents and businesses.

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  • Local Control: Provide a locally controlled resource that will benefit residents and businesses, not corrupt Illinois politicians or far away corporations. Protected for ages to protect our investment.

Multiple choices of ISPs

  • Free Market Choices: Dislike your Internet Provider? We will have more choices to choose from—true free-market principles in action in McHenry County, leading to lower costs and innovation.