5G Deep Dive

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5G is not going to measure up to the hype and will not answer our lack of competition, innovation, high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective broadband options… Overview This post is a “deep drive” into what has come before, the technology and science, and the application of 5G (in the US). A need was seen after talking with numerous elected officials…

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AT&T Fiber coming to Woodstock?


Word on the street is that AT&T is rolling out fiber-optics cable to houses in Woodstock around Madison/Clay Street area. We stopped and spoke with some workers and they said that they were coming in from Rockford to roll out fiber to all buildings in Woodstock that get AT&T via utility poles. This means, anybody who gets their AT&T…

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The market has spoken. The market is broken.

The infographic below illustrates the issue of our broken Internet service market here in McHenry County. For many citizens in the county, the only option available is AT&T, Comcast X-Finity, or Charter/Spectrum. If they do not have access, the only option available is expensive satellite or fixed-wireless Internet. Providers, like AT&T and Comcast X-Finity, have been been increasing rates,…

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