Greenwood Township Presentation – In Review

Last night, our Public Interest Director, David Gutowsky, gave a presentation to Greenwood Township advocating for the Board to explore community-fiber as a solution to our Internet woes. The Board was receptive and asked many great questions. The Board, in general, agreed that Greenwood Township does have a connectivity issue. Some of the Trustees expressed frustration with their fixed-wireless…

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The market has spoken. The market is broken.

The infographic below illustrates the issue of our broken Internet service market here in McHenry County. For many citizens in the county, the only option available is AT&T, Comcast X-Finity, or Charter/Spectrum. If they do not have access, the only option available is expensive satellite or fixed-wireless Internet. Providers, like AT&T and Comcast X-Finity, have been been increasing rates,…

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