5G Deep Dive

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5G is not going to measure up to the hype and will not answer our lack of competition, innovation, high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective broadband options… Overview This post is a “deep drive” into what has come before, the technology and science, and the application of 5G (in the US). A need was seen after talking with numerous elected officials…

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Greenwood Township Presentation – In Review

Last night, our Public Interest Director, David Gutowsky, gave a presentation to Greenwood Township advocating for the Board to explore community-fiber as a solution to our Internet woes. The Board was receptive and asked many great questions. The Board, in general, agreed that Greenwood Township does have a connectivity issue. Some of the Trustees expressed frustration with their fixed-wireless…

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McHenry Consortium partners with small ISPs to provide service to large and medium-sized businesses in Woodstock, IL

Back in 2013, five government agencies, including City of Woodstock, Woodstock Community Unit School District #200, McHenry County, and McHenry County College, agreed to work together to form the McHenry County Broadband Fiber Network Consortium, which took on a $2.1 million project to build 15 miles of high-speed fiber-optic communication network mostly in Woodstock to 21 sites (Figure 1)….

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