Come watch videos on various topics, like Where does the Internet come from?, Why Community-Fiber?, the Big Lie, Net Neutrality, and more.

This is an collection of various videos from our Partners and Supporters and around the Internet.

Where does the Internet come from?

The basics of how the Internet works.

The Big Lie

We’ve all been lied to, but when we’re lied to by those we rely on, it’s the worst. Right now, we are all subject to a lie about our Internet access. That lie is rooted in the idea that the best way to move forward is to allow the free market to dictate our access to the Internet, along with the quality of services, privacy protections, and competition.

Why a Gigabit Internet?

With the increasing number of gigabit cities, a trend led by local governments, Google, and some cutting edge small ISPs, some are confused why a gigabit is important now when most applications do not need that much bandwidth to operate.

What is Fiber Optics?

Watch this interesting video explaining what is fiber optics, how it works, uses and conclusion with the help of this animated learning module for kids.

How Do Fiber Optic Cables Work?

Explaining Community Broadband

This video explains why communities consider building their own broadband networks.

Community Fiber Networks Are Faster, Cheaper Than Incumbents

ILSR compare the broadband prices and speeds of community networks to incumbent providers, using examples from North Carolina that are representative of modern community fiber networks. Incumbent providers want to outlaw these networks even though many, including the Federal Communications Commission, recognize the clear benefits of allowing communities to decide locally whether such an investment makes sense.

The offers are a bit dated, but Community-Fiber Networks are still a better deal than the incumbents.

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beamforming, and small cells are just a few of the technologies that could enable ultrafast 5G networks

Why Does McHenry County Need Fiber Optics?

Dakota County in Minnesota is a similar county to McHenry County. Dakota County makes their case with this video.

Net Neutrality